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Stop memorizing passwords! Download your FREE copy of Password-Wizard today and use a single UserName and Password to create an unlimited number of unique passwords for every website you visit!

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Password-Wizard is very easy to use:

  1. Enter the website address you are creating a password for in the "Website Address" box or use the dropdown list to select a saved website address
  2. Enter a UserName that you will use with Password-Wizard (NEVER tell anyone this UserName, that includes us!
  3. Enter a Password that you will use with Password-Wizard (again NEVER share this password with anyone!
  4. Enter the Max Password Length (6 to 100 characters), we suggest between 12 to 20 digits.
  5. Click on the Encrypt button and your unique password will appear in the "Password To Use" textbox.
  6. Click the Copy Button
  7. Right click in the password field on the website you are creating the password for and select paste.

Free Download Now

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If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know so we can improve Password-Wizard to the best possible standards.

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